We all like the idea of discovering a nugget of gold or silver, but few of us have a place to dig for these precious metals. The bible tells us we can dig for something that is far more valuable than gold or silver. At Calvary Chapel of Rock Hill we seek to discover the nature and character of God by studying God’s word verse by verse. Psalms 19:9 tells us that The fear of the Lord is more valuable than gold and discovering it tastes sweeter even than honey.

At Calvary Chapel of Rock Hill we seek to dig deeply, but simply into the word of God – teaching not entertaining. We want you to understand places, people, customs and culture and how God’s word is vital for every believer today. This allows for the life changing application of God’s word when we discover the eternal truths of God, growing us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mining God’s word verse by verse draws you into the fullness that the Lord has intended for you. Nothing is as satisfying as the feeling of ”I get it, I understand now.” As we teach through the Bible, all of the issues of life are addressed in context. When we need insights and understanding, it is vital for us to be able to go to a source that will give us what we need in a very applicable, simple manner. So at Calvary Chapel of Rock Hill in our teaching time, we mine God’s Word verse by verse.